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 Post subject: A Bear's YouTube Rant
PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:32 pm 
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I have a youtube pet peeve and I'm getting it off my chest here. There is no other point to this. I don't want to discuss it, I just want to whine. Stop reading this thread.

Years ago I was going through the channel of a guy who wrote fake lyrics for instrumental TV show themes. The visuals consisted of himself singing, greenscreened into the show somehow. I don't think his parody lyric work was especially good but I don't remember.

But for some reason I watched his video for LOST, where I guess he had to write lyrics to some incidental music because afaik the theme to LOST is just "BWAAAAAAAH." Anyway at one point the word LOST came up on the screen, in all white on a black background, you know, like the title of LOST—but the letters were all copies of this dude's body arranged into the shapes of letters all singing "the audience is lost!" in unison—and I freaked out.

Why does every musical video have to involve the artist crooning directly into the camera? Why does every frame of your video have to include at least one image of your face?

I get that the default, archetypical youtube video is made with a webcam, and you're singing to the camera because you have no other options. It's not always especially pleasant to watch a video made under those conditions, but it's not infuriating. (In a similar vein, the guy in a basement with a headset doing a Twitch stream is often fairly gross, but there's not much you can do about it.)

But if you apparently spent $600 on AfterEffects and you're putting hours and hours into every video for your thousands of subscribers, isn't there something really weird and actually fairly gross about lovingly compositing your face into every shot? This doesn't apply only to Ha Ha Fake Lyrics Guy, but to everybody who everybody who should be able to execute some kind of idea.

And it's not just that some youtube musicians are apparently really into their own faces, but as far as I can tell this is the default behavior for youtube artists! If you make music then your face had better appear along with that music! ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE SONG. I HATE THIS.

This rant was inspired by the Pogo video in the Star Trek thread, which despite my appreciation for Pogo's music I find extremely disgusting. He is not even singing. He is smugly lip-syncing to a melody he created with his computer. Besides being offputtingly Pogo-face-centric it is also deep in the bottom of a musical uncanny valley.

I guess there's a legal aspect to it? Like he's afraid of getting C&Ded by Paramount if he uses footage from the show? But remixing the audio in essentially the exact same way is fine?

Or did he switch from remixing the original footage, like those awesome Alice in Wonderland videos from back in the day, to video of his own smirking face, because that's what appeals to people nowadays?

You all make me sick.

"Kathy, I'm lost," I said, "though I knew she was sleeping."

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